Women Empowering Women on the Central Coast.

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

I am bursting out with excitement telling everybody about the best decision I’ve made recently that ended up bringing lots of joy, personal reflection, growth, validation and the most exciting part of it all effortless connection.

Photographer: Jasmin Ruperez
Tiger Lilies Bonding Camp Spring 2019

One day in July one of our very own Curious Creator sisters Sam rang me up all excited about this FREE Women Empowering Women (WEW) course offered at Wyong TAFE & The Peninsula Community Centre at Woy Woy. We had missed the information session and the enrollment dates but it sounded so good that we didn't let that stop us. A course bringing women together to learn about themselves and others in a safe, positive and completely encouraging environment, count us in! We immediately arranged a last-minute enrollment to start the next week. We were yearning to create connections with others outside of our immediate circles, to socialise with different age groups and get to know people we usually wouldn’t have had the chance to meet.

If I’ve already lost you, as you may be male-identifying please don’t be discouraged just yet. Happiness Habits Inc who run these courses have similar visions for a Men's course coming next year! I believe the teachings in these empowerment courses can really help change a person's life around. How do you ask? By giving you tools to help you:

  • Breakthrough self-limiting beliefs and find new patterns of thinking that push you to thrive.

  • Understand the importance of being empathetic & compassionate to others.

  • Learn how necessary it is to set your personal boundaries to avoid burn out and being taken advantage of by others.

  • Set actionable goals and help you achieve them.

  • Identify unhealthy behaviour & relationships.

  • Gain control of your financial planning.

  • Bond with & help others.

  • Build confidence in yourself & your decisions.

  • Ditch the social pressure and tune in to what your heart really wants

  • and sooooo much more!

WEW gave me confidence unlike before helping me feel strong in my views, validated my healthy habits and challenged my not so favourable ones. It helped me identify my strengths and gave me endless reminders of the value in the little things, making my day to day life lighter and much brighter.

The most exciting part of it all! It doesn't just stop once the 8 weeks are over. Once you graduate from the course, Happiness Habits help you make further progress by giving you the opportunity to become a member of their social group called the "Tiger Lilies", taking it beyond the classroom and into creating community on the Central Coast! Everyone who signs up to be a Tiger Lily gets added to a closed Facebook group to stay in touch with one another, get exclusive invites to organised events, share helpful resources/advice and to make new friends from previous WEW courses.

Photographer: Jasmin Ruperez

Over the weekend I attended my first Tiger Lilies bonding camp which was absolutely out of this world. It was organised beautifully with lots of fun things to do and be involved in. A scavenger hunt, raffle, fun games, prizes and the biggest smiles you have ever seen! My heart is so warm and fuzzy from all the connection that happened in just one night and for some women, it was even their first camp out EVER! Sam and I even got the opportunity to fire twirl for everybody during the night and we were met with such an enthusiastic audience that a few of the women built up the confidence to have a go! I think watching them play was the highlight of the camp for me. I really don't know what makes me happier than seeing someone try something they never thought they could do!

WEW absolutely exceeded my expectations 10 times over and I'm still blown away by the opportunities that are presenting themselves to me from being apart of it all. I've done a lot of studies in the past and not one course I have ever done has made me feel so powerful and in control of my own lif