Medicinal Movement

Poem by Emilie Svallin ✨


Allowance to feel the essence of the moment 

To witness the raw truth of the emotion that dwells in the shadow of the self

Openness and presence 

Brings a soft surrender to delve into the unknown unfoldments of the now

Inhale acceptance

Creating a container for the exploration and release of which has been trapped

Embody the pain 

Embody the anger 

Embody the sadness 

Embody the anxiety 

Embody the frustration 

Feel it fully 

Let it take up space and show the full spectrum of its face

Give love to the darkness 

With presence inhale acceptance 

Deeper and deeper with the flow of prana 

The 12 petaled lotus in the heart begins to unfurl

The body shifts in union with the breath, swiftly and gracefully swaying from shape to stillness 

Intention and healing frequencies 

Awareness expands

Lightness defuses the denseness of the suffering 

Subtle energies guide the body shake, swing and spin

Bringing motion to the emotion 


Exhale stagnation 

Mindfully moving from moment to moment

Shape shifting during the shed 

Suddenly pain shifts into pleasure 

Anger burns into passion

Sadness into solitude 

Anxiety into calmness 

Frustration into love

May the moves and grooves follow your hearts innate beat, honouring your emotions, feelings and thoughts. This is a poem I wrote about Medicinal Movement. Using intention, sound and movement to transform limiting energies, uplift mood and witness a deep connection to self. 

Thank you for receiving my vulnerability, openness and love.

Cosmic cuddles and a whole lotta love. 

Emilie 🦋