A conscious cup of tea


Hopefully you are aware that on the 23rd of November, we are collaborating with a bunch of wonderful creators to explore all things feminine. An art exhibition and performance night called Flavours of the Feminine, held at the Hudson Hum, Newcastle.

We are very excited to make this an alcohol free evening, as we want to be in a safe space where people can connect consciously and authentically, flowin’ with all the incredible hormones that dance naturally within them.

This being said the night will be nothing short of magic, as we will have a variety of enchanted elixirs and potions for your enjoyment. From heart opening cacao, to calming herbal teas, or maybe you fancy a tea that will assist in digesting the dinner you ate a little too much of. Whatever tickles your pickle, we hope our brewed with love and intention teas organically in hence your experience.

However to receive your desired concoction you will need to bring your own cup. As we are believers of conscious consumption and doing our best to produce as little waste as possible. Help us be kind to our beloved Earth and spend the night, connecting with new and old friends, making and observing art, whilst sippin’ from your fave cup.


Don‘t forget to grab your tickets❣️

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