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Painting Thoughts

Curious Creators are an Australian collective of artists & performers from Central Coast, NSW Australia. 

In our podcasts, we discuss everything from lighthearted conversations to good old chats about what some may consider 'tabu'.

May we spark some insight,
reflection or plant a seed for thought.


Painting Thoughts Episode #1
Natalie and Jayde explore Periods & Self care, especially during that time of our cycles. We touch on different Reusable 'sanitary' options, self care routines, feelings of 'shame' and share the first time we began bleeding.

We are aware of gender diversity & try our best to be inclusive in our language. Please know that in this episode we are speaking from our own experiences. Each conversation we have we learn, challenge and grow...


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Disclaimer: We are just having a chat, so everything we say is personal opinion only. If you need medical assistance or help, please see your GP or health professional.

Podcast Ep1

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