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Sangeet Mishra

Born into the legendary Mishra family who are of the renowned Banaras Gharana (school of music), North India. Sangeet is an 8th generation sarangi player. His first Guru was his paternal grandfather, the late maestro, Pt. Narayan Das Mishra and under his guidance Sangeet required a remarkable proficiency in vocal.

Living the culture of North Indian classical music from birth it is not surprising he is doing what he does best, playing the Sarangi full time.

Initially, he started to learn sarangi from his maternal grandfather, the world renowned sarangi player Pt. Bhagwan Das Mishra and his father Pt.Santosh Mishra. His seniors and guru’s are proud of the way he is growing into a fine musician.

Sangeet plays with a great depth of cultural understanding and knowledge that rises above gymnastics, he plays with soul strait from the heart. His capabilities and nuances of expression are extensive, demonstrated by the way he plays a raag without missing the true sruti of the raag.

He has laboured to keep alive the music and techniques of the great elders past and present by acquiring both the tantakri and gayaki style of playing the sarangi.

Rooted firmly in the ancient traditions and techniques of shastriya sangeet (classical music) Sangeet has created a distinctive individuality to his playing. Through his innovations as a musician he has succeeded in blending contemporary musical thought in playing the sarangi without compromising on its traditional purity and essence.

A versatile performer, he is known for his solo recital, accompaniment playing and successfully collaborating with musicians from different genres across countries together, creating a unique musical language.

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Sangeet Mishra

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Sangeet Mishra

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