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Ryszard Stelmach

Sacred Soul Music & Chant with Ryszard Stelmach.

Ryszard is an inspirational soul singer/musician who weaves the magic of his original and inspirational heart and soul songs with sacred chants from many spiritual traditions.

Sacred Soul Music & Chant is a beautiful gift and time for you to re-connect to the healing and rejuvenating power of sound. Each song is a message song ie of Letting Go, Doing what you Love, Taking a Leap of Faith or remembering that God is Always with You…..

These songs touch the soul and open the heart. For instance one song called Soul 2 Soul leads into a Tibetan Chant of Om Mani Padme Hung while another song called Oh Life leads into a Sanskrit Chant of Om Shanti Om.

Each spiritual mantra / chant, I prefer to use the term "Soul-tra" now touches and vibrates the soul. This sound vibration becomes a potent form of healing medicine or vibrational healing known as "Soul o Pathy" – a spiritual form of homeopathy. Just by listening and joining in with the chanting, each individual receives their perfect vibrational healing mix for the session.

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Ryszard Stelmach

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Ryszard Stelmach

13 June 2020, 4:30:00 am

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