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Natalie Renwick

I understand that it is challenging for us to express ourselves, but I know how powerful that vulnerability is. It has allowed me to be artistic, to connect with people deeply, to be my most true self and to not take things too seriously, to never stop being silly and playful.

Visually, I love to express the concept of 'Interbeing'. In terms of the natural world and humans being connected and interrelated fascinates me and makes so much sense.
I love to portray the ideas that may exist that we just can't see in our physical world. Whether it be the symbiotic relationship between the trees, ourselves and the air we breathe, to a much more deep seeded feeling of calm and clarity we experience when we walk in a Forest.

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Natalie Renwick

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Natalie Renwick

13 June 2020, 2:30:00 am

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