June 2020

The Crud Muffins

Mixed Media Collaborations

The Crud Muffins are a creative collective of artists whose mission is to encourage people to discover the empowering, uplifting, unifying power of art. Together they create art, write and illustrate zines, facilitate arts workshops and create interactive, immersive art installations at festivals and events.

Outer Mind Photography


Hello my name is Paul Hyland, I really enjoy photography because it allows me to show people how magical this realm is that we reside with in.

Sangeet Mishra

Indian Classical Music | Instrumental

Sangeet is a sarangi player which is an Indian Classical Musical instrument.


Somatic Yoga

Gerryji has been to India four times visiting numerous ashrams, sacred pilgrimage sights and staying with Indian spiritual teachers. He integrates this with his 27 years of Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Yoga and Buddhist studies.

Natalie Renwick

Movement & Art

Natalie is a versatile visual artist & performer. She is an art loving expressive human who adores nature, connection and all things creative!

Julia Jay

Pen Artist & Paint Dabbler

Julia Jay is a young but extremely talented, full time artist from Newcastle, NSW Australia who specialises in black & white intricate pen art, although over the last year she has started to dabble with colour!

Marty Bright

Poetry - Comedy - Song

Marty is a wordsmith of wizardry who has toured the world with his unique hybrid style of whimsical wit, spiritual speech and husky tones. He is currently travelling New Zealand where he has been performing all over the country.

Ryszard Stelmach

Musician Singer/Songwriter

Ryszard is a Facilitator for Whole Body/Brain/Being Integration and Functioning. He is the founder of Spiragenics, a Kinesiologist , Musician and a Singer/Songwriter. “This beautiful gift that you share touched our hearts and souls deeply. To be filled with your music is to be taken to another realm of truth, purity and even bliss” - Suzanne and Paul - Gunnebah Retreat NSW -

Vic Val

Metal Sculpture

Val loves the feeling of creation. To make something that feels alive from an inert material.