Tara Summerell

Felt Tip Pen

I am so glad to be able to be a part of this exhibition. I am currently living in the Czech Republic, but Darkinjung Country, Central Coast, is where I (mostly) grew up.

In times like this, it is wonderful to be able to stay connected to loved ones and with the community, and the wonderful Curious Creators are giving us the ability to do it!

I tend to ebb and flow into all kinds of areas within the creative world, depending on what inspires or challenges me at the time.
I am currently diving into the world of ceramics and crocheting whilst still drawing and painting when I can.

These three pieces I have submitted are part of a Forrest Sprites series that is slowly growing.
These sweet little creatures popped out of my imagination and onto the paper. It is such a fun process to bring them into reality, I never really know what each creature will be until I finish them.

If you are interested in bringing one of these sprites into your home, I can ensure that there are prints available upon request!

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Tara Summerell

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Tara Summerell


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