Jasmin Ruperez

These images I have chosen to exhibit are from my series called "Intricate Nature".
They are the result of my undying love for plants and a little bit of photographic experimentation.
Although these images look as though they have been taken in studio lighting; the backdrop is actually my bathroom door illuminated by the sun at a certain time of day.
I had an Orchid flower in one hand leaning against the door one morning and I was taken back by how stunning its silhouette was.
This then lead me to walk around my neighbourhood each morning, knocking on doors asking people if i could take a flower from their yards to photograph.
Each flower has such unique qualities that I wanted to highlight for others to appreciate.

Images & prints available for purchase.

If you have further inquiries feel free to get in contact with us or Jasmin directly through her socials or email

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Jasmin Ruperez

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4th April 2020

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