Chris Osborne

I am driving to bring greatness into other's lives. I excel in ideation and development when it comes to creativity.
My photography is my view on the world like many others and that's why I love it. Every photo is a moment in the photographers mind. 
Photography can be tough as I am also my own worst critic and struggle to show my photos to so many. I never feel I am good enough like again, so many others so I force myself to show someone at least one photo per shoot to break that lie I believe that I am not good enough.

I am now the director of the Creative Hub Australia, a place designed to bring dreams to life. To help artist find their identity and showcase it. To allow them to belong to a bigger supportive community and to find their purpose and empower them to chase it.
If your struggling in any of these fields, choose change and come create with us.

Chris Osborne

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4th April 2020

Each of our showcased creatives went live on for our April showcase streaming event.

Get to know them better, gain insight into their creative processes and get a taste of what they have to offer the world.