Curious Creators are a collective of dreamers, lovers, artists & nurturing beings.

Founded by 5 powerful women as a way to bring together a community of like minded individuals in order to express and share their authentic light in whatever form that may take.

Together we have created beautiful performance and exhibition nights, full of inspiring souls, laughter, joy, raw emotion and celebrated courageous vulnerability.

Please reach out to us if you have any ideas for connection, we want to keep growing.

Community makes us stronger.


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The Women Behind the Magic

Natalie Renwick

Visual Artist, Comedic & Controversial Performance Artist, Burlesque Dancer & Disability Support Worker

Hello lovely beings!

Being apart of such a welcoming and inspiring group has absolutely enriched my life in so many ways... I have always had a love for the arts and anything considered 'different' or 'quirky'.
I delved right into the underground art and performance scene in Sydney, so without any real limits, I was free to explore myself.


Many seeds were planted during that time but it took me to return to the Central Coast to see these seedlings blossom into the life I wanted to live. To be surrounded by such a strong network of friends and have a real sense of community has enabled me to truly grow.
To love a bit deeper, to dance with feeling, to have gratitude and to understand a bit more.


After travelling overseas, I knew I wanted to help others so I began my career supporting people with disabilities. I've been able to fuse my passions by encouraging people to express themselves - whether it be through painting, craft, meditation or moving their body!

I love to hula hoop, fire and flow play, as well as utilise medicinal herbs, learning about the endless wisdom the land has to teach us.

Being able to live a life where I nurture my creative energy, and share whatever helps me along this journey of life with others is incredibly fulfilling and a constant teacher to myself.

I hope we can bring more high energy and light hearted spaces to somewhere near you.

Love, Natalie.

Jasmin Ruperez

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Website Chick, Hair wizardess & Pom Pom Queen

So have you ever had that moment when you're asked to talk or write about yourself and just go completely blank? Well, that happened to me when I sat down to write this out.
After awhile of frantically backspacing everything I just had to turn to one of my journals for inspiration and guidance.
I started reading an entry from 25 May 2018 12:03am and it made me realise what exactly I have manifested into my life since then and I would love to share it with you all since I never shared it anywhere else.

"So I feel like I had an epiphany about what I should be doing with my life while I was in the shower tonight.

I want people to see reality as it is not what society tells us it should be.
I want to help honest, local business owners who need help telling their story.

I can help create their brand, design flyers, business cards, websites, videos and most of all be a photographer.

I turned away from the marketing industry because of how fake & manipulating it could be and the business hierarchy was too stressful for me.

I didn’t feel attached to hardly anything I was working on and half the time would be working for companies that I wouldn’t support myself...
So why work for them?

I’m happy to help people, get to know them, listen to their story and make their voices be heard. It’s hard to do things without a little help sometimes.

I don’t need to get paid much; if at all; I do something for you, you help me out with one of your talents.
We all have something to give or share when we really think about it.

Before anything I need to set myself up and do everything I want to do for others for me. Focus on the steps I need to take to achieve this dream and run straight ahead. It’s not going to be easy but could be so worth it.

If I believe in myself this could grow into getting to know lots of new people and local businesses that I can offer my services to.
It will also give me the opportunity to socialise with different age groups and get to know people I usually wouldn’t have had the chance to meet, which is something I’ve been yearning for a lot lately. Expanding my circle; The more stories and people I get to know the more I can understand life.

Working for myself can be possible; I just need to trust that I can do this and stop trying to be absolutely perfect. Anything that I do is going to be a big help to someone and most likely better than what they could achieve on their own.

There is always going to be someone better than me but why can’t I believe in the skills that I do have?

Let go of fear and run straight ahead!"

Oh the goosebumps that came over me once I finished reading my own words from over a year ago.

It all feels as though fate aligned and physically moved me out of my comfort zones with an unexpected change of housing location, I started being introduced to new experiences and one day down the track I found myself amongst the Curious Creators.

I instantly found a place I felt that I had purpose and value; a sense of coming home within a then bunch of strangers.

My dreams are coming true right in front of my eyes and I want you to be apart of them all!

Emilie Svallin

Human full of stars and herbs

Aloha friends,
I’m Emilie!

An important part of my personal growth came from the journey I had whilst living in Broome.
This place has an ineffable magic and sense of community which opened me up to deeper parts of my self and gave me tools for creative expression.
Every Wednesday there would be a fire jam where travellers and locals would gather to share their skills and passion for flow and music. I am deeply grateful for the connections I made during this time.
Flow arts have become a massive part of my personal journey for healing and expression.

Once returning home to the gorgeous Central Coast after such a profound adventure, I craved community and a welcoming space for people to find their flow. It wasn’t happening around me, so I realised I had to create it. “Your vibe attracts your tribe” right?
Suddenly I was surrounded by four beautiful women whom all wanted to create the same thing and from here it has just blossomed into something so special, including a treasured sisterhood.

Since nurturing Curious Creators, I have been inspired to expand my knowledge with the things I am deeply passionate about; such as music, movement, feminine sexuality, creative and energetic healing modalities, herbs and the environment.

Through the exploration of these juicy worlds, the winds lead me to the holy land of India to study Nada Yoga. which prominently focuses on using sound for the liberation of self and connection to spirit.
The backbone of this teaching is hatha yoga, which has lead me to amalgamate meditation, yoga, dance and pranayama as an offering called ‘Pranic Funk’ to the community.
It has been a pleasure to hold different kinds of spaces with so many wonderful humans, such as moon circles, tantric meditations and yoga nidra.

It was an absolute treat to attend a performing arts school. A place which fostered creative expression, which impacted my life greatly. From once being completely terrified to step foot on stage to being totally empowered by it.
Sharing my vulnerability and stories through music, dance and burlesque, My intention is to inspire others to do the same.

I’ve always had this dream of running away with the circus and that dream is still very apparent.
However the dream has shifted when I heard about the “The Flying Seagull Project”. A group of volunteer movers, makers, clowns, and laughter creators, whom travel around the world visiting different refugee camps, bringing play and magic back into the lives of the children who may not even know the essence of these words.

What’s one of your dreams?

Whole lotta LOVE!
Emilie, Curious Creators

Andrea Jofre

As me as can be!

Hello Earthlings!
My name is Andrea,
but you can call me Andy.

I still feel relatively new to the coast and having grown up in Sydney, moving here was a massive change of pace.
I am forever grateful for the immense beauty I have found here in the natural surrounds but the one thing I was really missing was art and creativity.
There are some brilliant movers and shakers further down the coast and plenty up in Newcastle but I really wanted something more local.
So, if it doesn’t exist, create it!


Within 12 months of being here I finally found what I was looking for, all the right blend of people to come together to produce this level of magic. And so, Curious Creators was born and what a ride it has been so far!


Personally, my passions lie in helping others through my own learning and growth. There are few things that make my heart feel fuller than getting to share knowledge and build confidence in others.
Luckily, I have made this into my profession and in my spare time I get to explore the arts in order to keep my soul charged up.
Seeing someone create is one of the most visceral ways to tap into someone’s flow state energy and it’s absolutely intoxicating.
I am endlessly excited to see what wonderful and imaginative forms of expression people can share with the world.

Let us give you that space, let us celebrate you and spark those creative juices. 

Sam Russell

Warrior woman, Free spirit, Mother, Intuitive Healer, Mentor & Crystal Grid Artist.

A warm hello to you all.

My name is Sam,

I like you I’m also on a journey, and over my years I’ve learned to be open to different things that keep me happy grounded and true to myself and the divine within me.
Infront of all I do I am a busy bee mamma of a little rainbow boy whom I live my best for.

I am all about happiness, fun, community, getting together and doing right for each other and our world.
Always making time for this kind of soul food to really thrive which can be self healing sessions in sacred spaces, writing, dancing, painting, singing playing guitar, twirling, hooping the list goes on and I never want it to stop as I remain open to the new I continue to grow.
I also love enjoying these sacred practices in sync with those around me and meeting new people with a honest smile and eye gaze always makes my heart beat louder.

I have never lost the child within me, I still hold the same conscious spirit I did from a child so that part of me is divinely important and I cherish her very dearly.
When I met my sisters of Curious Creators I have never quite discovered such a unique yet diverse likeness of the same nature. We were all drawn to the same things, we all had a child like aura that was bursting at the seems with creativity fuelled by love and a thirst to share it. We were all so the same and so different and together we all bring our individual part in creating spaces with a non judgmental platform, with an opportunity for complete open expression.

We involve everyone,
we encourage,
we colour,
we create,
we face paint,
we dance,
we support,
and of course...