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A collective of dreamers, lovers, artists & nurturing beings.

Curious Creators host community
art workshops and performance events
here on the Central Coast, NSW Australia.

Started as a way to bring together a community of like minded individuals who crave expressing and sharing their creativity; whatever form that may take.

Since 2018 we have bought beautiful performance and exhibition nights to life. Our events are full of inspiring souls, laughter, joy, raw emotion and celebrating courageous vulnerability.

Please reach out to us if you have any ideas for connection, we want to keep growing.

Community makes us stronger.

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Jas & Nat
power partnership

the babes who connect the dots & bring people together

natalie renwick

visual artist, comedic & controversial performance artist, burlesque dancer & disability support worker.

Always having a deep love for the arts and anything considered 'different' or 'quirky'. Natalie delved right into the underground art and performance scene in Sydney, without any real limits and was free to explore herself as a young adult.


Many seeds were planted during that time but it took a return to the Central Coast to see these seedlings blossom into the life she wanted to live. To be surrounded by such a strong network of friends and have a real sense of community enabled Natalie to truly grow. - To love a bit deeper, to dance with feeling, to have gratitude and to understand a bit more.

After travelling overseas, She knew she wanted to help others so began her career supporting people with disabilities. Natalie has been able to fuse her passions by encouraging people to express themselves - whether it be through painting, craft, meditation or moving their body!

Natalie loves to hula hoop, fire/flow play, utilise medicinal herbs & spend time learning about the endless wisdom the land has to teach us.

"Being able to live a life where I nurture my creative energy, and share whatever helps me along this journey of life with others is incredibly fulfilling and a constant teacher to myself."


jasmin ruperez

photographer, designer, dog mum, website chick & hair wizardess 

This chicky babe often has too many ideas at once but we absolutely love her for it!
Jasmin see's solutions in almost everything and just wants to make the world a better place for everyone.


She wants people to see reality as full of everyday opportunity by creating platforms that give others in her local community a chance to be celebrated.

Jas is passionate about lifting up honest, local creatives who need help telling their stories by getting to know them- listening to their passions and helping to make their voices be heard.

It’s hard to do things without a little help sometimes.

Jas has a background in design & hospitality work which means she is great with people, expressing ideas and she thrives in creative, upbeat, detail orientated situations!


In her everyday life you'll catch her:

> changing hair colours more than she changes her bed sheets
> over running her yard with plants
> drinking a few too many mochas
> sewing random gifts for friends

> cuddling her boyfriend & 2 doggos.

"Being a person who gets involved in community projects,I love to collaborate with others and am always seeking to learn new skills to better myself."



Curious Creators would have never come to life without these wonderful women.

When us sisters of Curious Creators met, we had never quite discovered such a unique yet diverse likeness of the same nature. We were all drawn to the same things, we all had a child like aura that was bursting at the seems with creativity fuelled by love and a thirst to share it. We were all so the same and yet so different. We all bought our individual flavours together in creating non judgmental, safe spaces that give people  opportunity for complete open expression.

We involve everyone, we encourage, we colour, we create, we face paint, we dance, we support, engage, love and of course... PLAY!


Emilie Svallin

From once being completely terrified to step foot on stage to being totally empowered by it.

Emilie shares her vulnerability and stories through music, dance and burlesque, Her intention is to inspire others to do the same.


Sam Russell

All about happiness, fun, community, getting together and doing right for each other and our world.

Sam is a busy bee mumma who likes to spend her days writing, dancing, painting, singing playing guitar, twirling, hooping the list goes on. She never wants it to stop as she remains open to the new as she continues to grow.


Andrea Jofre

On a journey of learning and growth, Andy's passions lie in helping others. Nothing can make her heart feel fuller than getting to share knowledge and help build confidence in others.